Genetic Discovery FAQ

How accurate is paternity DNA testing?

Paternity DNA testing is the most accurate form of paternity testing available. DNA test results show either 0% for exclusion the tested man is not the father or higher than 99.9%+ for inclusion the tested man is the father.

How old does a child have to be for DNA testing?

A child can be any age, even a newborn baby. There are no age restrictions.

Do you need a blood sample for DNA testing?

No. We use a painless buccal swab to gather cheek cells from the mouth for most DNA tests.

What is a buccal swab?

A buccal swab looks just like a cotton bud, but with a longer handle. You gently rub the swab on the inside of the mouth cheek to gather cells for your DNA test.

Is this painless?

Yes. No needles are involved, just the painless, easy-to-use buccal swab.

Are the DNA test results different if you don’t use blood?

No. Your DNA is the same no matter how it is gathered, so the DNA test results will be the same no matter what type of DNA testing sample is used.

How do I know that I am collecting my DNA testing samples correctly?

The collection of DNA samples is very straightforward and we provide step by step instructions. As long as you are collecting a sample from the appropriate person and are labelling the specimens correctly, it would be highly unlikely that you could do anything to affect the DNA testing. If you prefer to have a Genetic Discovery representative collect DNA samples on your behalf, please call 0808 234 7027 to book an appointment.

Does the mother need to be DNA tested to achieve an accurate result for paternity testing?

No. In most cases, reliable, accurate paternity test results can be achieved without the mother involved. In the DNA testing lab, we compare the child’s DNA to the father’s DNA. We have had a lot of experience performing motherless paternity testing. When possible, however, we prefer to include the mother in the paternity test because it provides an even stronger foundation for quality controlled DNA testing.

Would I be able to take a sample in the UK and another abroad and still send the kits back for DNA testing?

Yes, we often have clients taking part of the DNA test in one country and the remainder of the DNA test in another country. It is important to let us know that DNA test kits would need to be sent to different locations. In addition to that if you prefer to have your DNA samples collected both nationally and internationally, please call 0808 234 7027 to book a convenient medical centre in your location.

Are you accredited?

Yes we’re accredited with ISO/IEC 17025 Certification, AABB, ASCLD/LAB- International, CAP, NYSDOH and CLIA laboratory certificates. Our legal results are routinely used in UK courts for both immigration and family/child law purposes. Our laboratory has also achieved 17 perfect laboratory inspections and since being established in 1995 we have processed over 1 million DNA samples.