A DNA paternity test can bring peace of mind to your family, calm fears and answer important questions. Our DNA test services are fast, affordable with guaranteed results. A private, “Peace of Mind” Paternity Test from Genetic Discovery is £129.00 for one child and one alleged father, with or without the mother involved in testing. An additional child or alleged father is £85.00.

Genetic Discovery prides itself on our helpful and knowledgeable client services team and for additional peace of mind we offer these important features:


Your confidentiality is assured through our strict company policy. No one will be notified that you are having DNA testing done unless you notify them. DNA test results are not reported to any person or organisation, unless specifically requested by you. We understand this is an anxious time for all involved and extremely important.

Results in 4 Business Days

Once you have decided to have a paternity test and we have received your DNA samples we will process these in our accredited laboratory. Through Genetic Discovery, you can have your DNA test results sent to you by a method you specify (by post, email, or fax) in only 4 business days.

Deal Directly with the Laboratory

Our laboratory takes pride with each and every DNA test it performs. We are ISO 17025 accredited and hold a number of other prestigious laboratory certificates. Genetic Discovery is committed to providing excellent, accredited and trustworthy DNA testing services.

We test every sample twice to ensure that your results are completely accurate. We also work with you to be sure that all of your paternity testing needs are met through confidential consultation. You can have total confidence in the DNA test results you receive from Genetic Discovery.


You can now order online, or by calling us on 0808 234 7027. Your DNA testing kit will be dispatched by 1st class post with swabs for DNA collection and full instructions.


Once the DNA swabs have been collected and paperwork completed ensure these are sent back to Genetic Discovery by special delivery – ensuring we receive these without delay.


Results will be completed in 3 to 4 business days and results can be sent via the post, fax or email.
Call us today on 0808 234 7027 to arrange your Peace of Mind
paternity test or order online. Our opening times are 8.30 am to 7.00 pm
from Monday to Friday.

Home Paternity Test

  • For Personal Knowledge
  • Completed at Home
  • Painless Mouth Swab
  • DNA Collection Service Available
  • ISO 17025 Certified

Immigration DNA Test

  • For Immigration Purposes
  • 4,500 Global Sample Collection Centres
  • Accepted by the Home Office
  • Samples Tested x2
  • FREE DNA Collection in London

Legal Paternity Test

  • For Legal Purposes (Child dispute, birth certificate change)
  • Accepted by the UK Courts
  • Samples Tested x2
  • FREE DNA Collection in London
  • DNA Collection Centres throughout the UK
CALL 0808 234 7027
CALL 0808 234 7027