The Y-STR DNA test determines whether two or more males are part of the same paternal line.

This DNA test analyses the Y chromosome, exclusive to males. The Y chromosome contains genetic information that is passed relatively unchanged from father to son. Because the Y chromosome genetic information is essentially conserved from generation to generation, males can undergo this test to identify their paternal lineage.

The Y-STR test is typically used in situations where the alleged father is unavailable for paternity testing, such as in adoption cases. A child can learn if he is related to the alleged father’s family by undergoing Y-STR DNA testing with a paternal relative of the alleged father, such as a paternal uncle or grandfather.

Although this test cannot directly prove a sibling relationship, brothers who share the same father will also share the same Y-STR profile. In all the stated examples, this test will only indicate the presence of a common male ancestor.

Y-STR DNA testing has also proved helpful in providing information for genealogical research. A male can trace his paternal lineage through Y-STR DNA testing.

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